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history ww2 military nazi books hitler third reich
nazi ww2 hitler flags music pictures third reich


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SS Honor Ring the historic Nazi era item that every collector dreams of getting his hands on!

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nazi ww2 hitler flags music pictures third reich


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Helping you create the ultimate Adolf Hitler Third Reich SS honor ring - nazi jewelry collection.


This replica set includes the SS Honor Ring, a beautiful presentation box, and honor ring citation on fine parchment with English translation.

The SS Honor Ring is one of the most sought after items from World War 2. This is the historic Nazi era item that every collector dreams of getting his hands on! For many years you have asked us to carry replica of this highly sought after historic prize but until now we had been unable to find a suitable replica to offer.

Now this has all changed!

Each piece of Nazi era jewelry that we offer is a custom piece of jewelry that has been hand finished and is heirloom quality reproduction German World War II jewelry. Many of these reproductions have been upgraded to have heavier thicker bands and a solid rather than hollow face inside the ring. This jewelry is all of the highest quality.

Most of you have seen jewelry over the internet and elsewhere and were, as we were disappointed in what you received. The jewelry resembled something more of a prize from out of a cracker jack box. Light weight, poorly cast, thin, flimsy, flawed items that you wouldn't want to show or wear in public. But not this jewelry! It is all top of the line cast jewelry.

SS Honor Ring

Wear the ring with honor!

The inscription letters S.lb stand for Seinem Lieben which means
"With Respect and Honor".

Symbols on the SS Honor Ring

Picture is of multiply views of the same ring.

  • Totenkopf (death head) - The totenkopf and crossed bones means Absolute obedience right to the death.
  • Swastika - The swastika's true meaning is the German people being one God and Eternity.
  • Circle, Dual Sigrunes and Tyrune - The dual sigrune was the symbol of the SS Schutzstaffel. Tyrune was the God of War.
  • Hagal Rune - The Hagal rune was used to instill an inner strength in the German people so that they would be fearless.
  • Triangle and Sigrune - The sigrune was German symbol for victory. The triangle means the cycle of life.
  • Ring Inside - the ring was engraved on the inside of the band with Himmlers’ signature.
  • Recipients’ last name - The ring was engraved on the inside of the band with the letters “S.lb (for “seinen Lieben”, or “With Respect and Honor”) followed by the recipients’ last name.
  • Date of presentation - The ring was engraved on the inside of the band with the date of presentation (April 20, 1944 "Hitler's Birthday" on our replica).

SS Honor Ring

"The Honor Ring Citation Reads"

I award you the SS Death's Head Ring. The ring symbolizes our loyalty to the Führer, our steadfast obedience and our brotherhood and comradeship. The Death's Head reminds us that we should be ready at any time to lay down our lives for the good of the Germanic people. The runes diametrically opposite the Death's Head are symbols from our past of the prosperity which we will restore through National Socialism. The two Sig-Runes stand for the name of our SS. The swastika and the Hagall-Rune represent our unshakable faith in the ultimate victory of our philosophy. The ring is wreathed in oak, the traditional German leaf. The Death's Head Ring cannot be bought or sold and must never fall into the hands of those not entitled to wear it. When you leave the SS, or when you die, the ring must be returned to the Reichsführer-SS. The unauthorized acquisition of duplicates of the ring is forbidden and punishable by Law.
Wear the ring with honor!


ORIGINAL STYLE RING: The ring sets that we offer are high quality heavy cast reproductions. Each ring is cast in pure .925 Sterling Silver. Each nazi ring comes in 2 piece construction, just as the originals were made, have all the correct runic symbols around the outer band as well as the complete correct engravings found inside the band.

R001 - SS Honor Ring "Octtlin" Set

Details: This set includes (1) SS Honor Ring with the name Octtlin and dated '20th April 1944, a beautiful presentation box, and honor ring citation on fine parchment with English translation.

* sorry no special name engraving is available.

nazi germany $150.00 +s/h

Size Available: 8 - 14


R002 - SS Honor Ring "Blank" Set

Details: This set includes (1) SS Honor Ring with the soldiers name buffed out, a beautiful presentation box, and blank honor ring citation on fine parchment, with English translation, the recipient can then have their own name engraved on the ring and written on the citation by their own jeweler.

* sorry no special name engraving is available.

nazi germany $150.00 +s/h

Size Available: 8 - 14


Ring Sizer Chart

  1. Print (compare to a ruler to be sure that after printing out the sizer the 3 1/2 inch measurement is correct).
  2. Cut on line A and insert pointed strip into slot.
  3. Wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.
  4. The number you can read is your ring size.
Customer Comments:
  • Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying the SS Honor ring and wear it constantly. Great quality! Nice to see there are still people out there who have integrity and honosty. Rare nowdays. I wish you and your family long and healthy lives. Thanks John NY


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