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  • Perfect for WW2 reenactors!


  • Action packed!
  • Nazi War Stories
  • Biographies
  • and more...


  • Brilliant life like sculpting.


  • Imported from the Fatherland
  • WWII Images
  • Germanic History
  • Nazi War Heros
  • pictures for everyday of the year.


  • Hitler paintings reproduced
    on greeting cards!


  • Rousing nazi march music
    of the Third Reich soldier!

Clever Like a Fox

  • Anti-Jewish nazi propaganda.

Daggers & Swords

  • Hitler Youth Daggers
  • SS and other Nazi daggers, swords and edged weapons.


  • Helmet decals for reenactors.

Dog Tags

  • I.D. tags make great gifts!


  • Collectable Dolls
  • Scale Figures


Adolf Hitler Nazi Third Reich Flags - Nazi
ww2 flags Flags - USA

Flying Tigers AVG

  • World's most complete line
    of "Flying Tiger" AVG insignia!

Hitler Bust

  • Life like Hitler sculpting.

Honor Rings / Jewelry

  • The item every Nazi collector dreams of owning!

Leather Goods

  • Handcrafted leather wallets, bookmarks, nazi key fobs, 
    lighter cases, and more.

Mother's Cross

  • Gold Silver & Bronze

Mouse Pads

  • Replace your old and worn
    out mouse pads today.

Movies / Films

  • WW2 propaganda films and
    WWII nazi war movies.

Mugs / Steins

  • Have a cold one with
    the Fuehrer!

Nazi Medals

  • Iron Cross
  • Knight's Cross
  • Blood Medal
  • Gold Cross
  • Russian Front
  • Combat Medals

Nuremberg Party Eagle

Occupation Papers

Olympics Berlin 1936

  • Including Adolf Hitler's
    Favorite Filmmaker
    Leni Riefenstahl.


  • Embroidered WWII Patches

Potato Masher

  • Museum quality Nazi Stick Gernade replicas.

Postcards Nazi

  • Stunning nazi pictures.

Postcards Fascist

  • Fascist Mussilini Italy pics.


  • Nazi Propaganda Posters
    of Hitler's Third Reich.


  • Military Combat unit division insignia, badges, civilian
    organization pins & more.

Screen Savers


Aged Metal nazi Signs

Aged Metal Nazi Signs


  • Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Rosenbeg, Rockwell war speeches and more.

T- shirts & Hats

  • You can never have to many.

Uniforms & Helmets

  • Find reproduction smocks, pants and German helmets nazi repro guns / firearms all perfect for stage & movies.

Uniform Repro Firearms

  • Find reproduction Nazi repro guns perfect for movies.

VW - KdF

  • "The Peoples Car"

Zyklon B

historical museum replicas Zyklon B
Museum quality replicas

Living History


Living History...
stories from you!

First hand accounts, inspirational war stories, funny moments, and much, much, more.

new nazi hitler ww2 Relics

Special One of a Kind Original Items

Includes pictures and stories
of your dog, cats, and companion pets.

Turn frustration into VICTORY!

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Helping you create the ultimate collection of reproduction WW2 German Nazi military history memorabilia.

PzG is the place to find distinctive Panzer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Das Heer, Waffen SS, and German WWII Nazi resources for hobbyists, teachers, museums and all students of Third Reich history in one convenient 24/7 location.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

Security / Guarantee / Return Policy / Questionss

Here at PzG Inc. you will find thousands of fascinating nazi products ranging from Third Reich Nazi Flags to Adolf Hitler posters and speeches to rousing Panzer military march music such as the Panzerwagnlied. As well as various Waffen SS uniform resources and WW2 propaganda movies that will add depth and excitement to your German WW2 military history collections. Our broad selection of Adolf Hitler books full of rare pictures and true facts as well as interesting Nazi regalia both big (Nurnberg Eagle's and Hitler Bust's) and small (unit pins, badges, Knightcrosses, Ironcrosses, and Motherscross medals) that are sure to astound and impress you.

For more than twenty years the staff at PzG Inc. have made available to all hobbyist, teachers, museums, and students of history a huge variety of historically accurate Nazi memorabilia & Adolf Hitler resources at reasonable prices. This website will allow you to examine a preview of each of these items in some depth and when you decide to order you will be joining thousands of other satisfied military enthusiasts who have already made
PzG Inc. - Your Third Reich HQ!


Your Information is Secure at PzG Inc.

PzG goes to great lengths to keep your financial information private and safe. All credit card transactions occur in a seperate and secure area of the site, to protect you from any loss, misuse or alteration of information collected. Infact, the folks at PzG never even see your credit card details and this is why they can not add things to your order as they are often asked to do so, you can shop and buy on line with confidence.

Your Transactions are Secure

When you have finished shopping and begin the checkout process, you will move into the secure area of the site. Once you've entered this area, the page address (URL) will change from http to https, to let you know that you are in a secure area. You will remain in this secure zone for the entire checkout process.


As a matter of principal we are typically unwilling to accept returns of and/or make a refund on books, videos, flags, mugs, pins, badges, calendars, CDs, etc. We do our best to describe and illustrate the items we offer for sale so that any potential buyer will know whether or not he/she wants to purchase them. All of our items are available for you to review as long as necessary and, you always have the option of contacting PzG  to ask any questions you might have before making your selections.

All PzG Inc. products are 100% Guaranteed as described. 

When you purchase an item from PzG Inc. the sale is completed and the item is sold. Both buyer and seller have agreed in advance to live by the terms of the agreements they have made. We simply cannot imagine anything more fair!

Naturally, if we describe an item inaccurately we can not expect a buyer to keep it. We are honor bound to make a refund to any PzG buyer who has purchased an item from us which was improperly described or depicted.

Return Policy

Music Return Policy

  • All PzG Inc. products are 100% Guaranteed as described.
  • The Third Reich historical recordings that PzG Inc. offers are digitally produced from ORIGINAL 78 rpm records (unless otherwise noted).  This means that these recordings were made in the 1930's & 1940's and even though they have been re-mastered you may experience some hissing, crackles and pops on some selections.  But, as a real student of history we know that you will appreciate the unique historical aspect this brings to your CD selections.
  • Due to pirating, just like ALL music stores, we CAN NOT give refunds or accept returns on CDs.  But we will happily replace, with the same title, any defective or damaged CD.
  • We can not be responsible for your CD players ability to play a CD. According to CD manufactures there is no CD player that will play all CDs. The best you can hope for is that 98% of all CDs will play on any player. Sorry we don't make the machines!

Jewelry Return Policy

Returns and exchanges are not allowed on jewelry.  With this in mind be sure to go to your local jewelry for correct sizing before ordering.

Non-Music Items Return Policy

  • All PzG Inc. products are 100% Guaranteed as described.
  • If we describe an item inaccurately we can not expect a buyer to keep it. We are honor bound to make a refund to any PzG buyer who has purchased an item from us which was improperly described or depicted.

IMPORTANT: You must contact PzG for authorization before retuning any merchandise.


Looking for order?"Where is my order?"

Before you e-mail us to ask us where you order is please remember that while the world wide web makes it easier and faster to shop for that new must have historical item it still takes time for it to actually get to you.

While we understand that often it may feel like your order has been lost in cyber space or by the USPS (United States Postal Service) this is rarely the case.  Remember that mail delivery takes up to a week for your mailed in orders to arrive to us and another week or longer for you to then receive your order.  Hunting down orders that are not really lost slows down everyone's order fulfillment.  Please know that you and your order are important to us and we always strive to exceed our customers expectations!

Industry standards for shipping times for mail order companies still remains in the 4-6 week range.  However, at PzG Inc. most orders are shipped within 24 hours of being received.  Then depending on holidays, weekends and your location it can take the USPS up to two weeks to get your order to you and, of course, longer if you live overseas or in Canada (see order page for foreign importation responsibilities) .

What do I do if it has been longer then 2 weeks since I ordered online and 3 weeks since I mailed in my order?

If this is the case then fellow the instruction below so that we can find and track your order. While we would like to say that we know all of you on a first name basis, unfortunately, this is not possible so, when you contact us please help us find your order by giving us:

  1. Name: Your first & Last Nam.
  2. Address:  Your address & ship to address if different because all orders are filed by zip code.
  3. What you ordered: This makes identification of your order easier.
  4. Date:  When you ordered because all orders are batched by the week they were received.

Important Note:  We get hundreds of e-mails each day and we DO NOT keep the old e-mails so if you are referring to a previous e-mail you sent you will need to recap what you are asking about.

Please provide all of the above information when you click the link below to e-mail us. It will assit us in finding your order and getting your question answered quickly.


eMail PzG now

See the order page for complete payment options (we accept visa, mastercard, discover, checks and money orders payable on US banks) and shipping details for domestic and international orders including Canada.

Jewelry Questions:

Question: What do I do if the ring turns my finger green?

Occasionally we hear from folks that experience skin discoloration after wearing their new rings and our jeweler has sent us this information addressing the problem.

Answer: The treatment for this problem is baking soda and water. Tell them to make a little paste and use a soft tooth brush and scrub the ring every were inside and out rinse it in warm water and then add a little more water to the soda paste and let the ring soak for a little while and scrub the ring again and rinse good tell tell them to also rub their fingers good with the mixture. This will help and it has worked with most customer unless they can not wear silver at all. We are working with one customer that nothing worked for him and he had to do a special order for a argentuin silver and pay a lot more because he wanted the ring so bad.  - John


We appreciate your continued support of our family business.

Some of the impresive items you will find at www.pzg.biz




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Saturday, December 22, 2012