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HITLER'S DOGHitler & Blondie

Blondie (1934 – April 29, 1945) was the name of Adolf Hitler's German Shepherd Dog. She was given to him as a gift by Martin Bormann in 1941. Blondie stayed with Hitler even after his move to the Führerbunker during the fall of Berlin, and in April 1945 had a litter of five puppies sired by Gerdy Troost's German Shepherd "Harass". Hitler named one of the puppies "Wolf" (his favorite nickname and the meaning of Hitler's first name, "Adolf". During the Fall of Berlin, before Hitler committed suicide, it is popular myth that he ordered his physician Dr. Stumpfegger to test his cyanide pills on Blondie. By all accounts that are not allied propaganda, the truth is that he was insistant that neither he nor the dog should fall into the hands of the invading Soviets (fearing harm would be brought to her). He briefly thought of letting her free to run into the streets of Berlin but he realized that she would soon be captured and eaten. Left with no option he had her put down. He was inconsolable afterwards and ended his own life shortly thereafter. Soviets later found the bodies of Blondie and one puppy. It is unknown what happened to the remaining four.


Hey Micheal, here is a good picture of max from last June, when he was just 6 months old.  He was born on Jan.11th of last year. I'm not sure how much he weighed when this picture was taken, but he was a juinor heavyweight even then.

ut tks for suport; nice pic or ur dogs; here is my Voltaire

Very sad to inform all of our friends that our family pet "Jack" has passed away. He was missing for a week and was found by a neighbor, dead apparently the whole week, in a nearby empty lot. Cause of death un-sure. As many of you know, he was a unique and friendly, adventuresome fellow, never a scaredy-cat, a hunter and general hail- fellow-well-met.

Jack sitting in the library window.


It will be difficult to find another friend like him again, and, it was he who adopted us.

I have been doing Rottweiler 'rescue since 1991 and yesterday my sweetest nicest baby passed away with bloat. He was an extremely unique dog with a wonderful personality, and we would be honored should be remembered here. He was the dog of our people loyal true and was so sweet and got along with everyone, even cats! He was also a wonderful protector. He loved the kids. Our people should be aware of all of the pure bred Rotties that get put down everyday. They are wonderful companions and even though my heart is brkoen I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I want to encougare you to adopt a Rottweiller, the dog ouf our poeople, You wii never be sorry, Below is a picture of my 20 th baby but by far that bext - May he rest in Valhalla with Odin at his side,

- Scarlett

Thanks so much for honoring our baby - he is gone bu never forgotten.

Just found your site while searching for a gift for my husband. I wanted to send in pictures of our white Doberman named Reich and our rottweiler named Panzer!

Reich is a year and a half white Doberman and Panzer is only 5 months. My husband, Rich, and I call them our "kids" and they are wonderful companions. I love to see other pet owners appreciate what animals can give to us - we are their whole world and all they do is love us unconditionally!

I love all the merchandise and memorabilia! Keep up the good work! - Kathleen


Hello fellow 3rd Reich enthusiasts,

Trying to keep the history alive here in TX.

We've added a few new pets to our litter, thought of sharing with their Kodachromes (last roll) with you.

- Joe


Hey Micheal,

Would you do both Gweni and I the honor of posting her picture on your website that has other people's pets featured as well?  I'd be very grateful for the favor shown to me.

- John


I received my order today. That was really quick! I'm still waiting for another order I placed 11 days ago out of Texas with another company.

The items I ordered are very nice. Especially the arm band and the pins. I'm starting to save now for the custom Honor Ring you offer.

In the mean time, here is a photo of Ossie my German Shepard Dog. He has since passed on about five years ago now. He was born from parents imported from Germany that were both Schutzhund registered and trained. Ossie was Schuthund trained as well, but never competed.

I miss him dearly.  - Michael

My pups send greetings to Leni, Heidi and Odin

Congratulations for your website and your heading on the pets.

I present MILADY to you (1993-2008), my small Yorkshire which I miss much.

Horrido !



Guten morgen,

vielen herzlichen dank mein Herr

below ist mein deutscher schutz hund.


Hope all is well with you and your family, including your new addition Odin. Here is a recent photo of Elke and I. - Michael


Hi guys..good news I've got a pup, his name's Rafiki. Pure bred, inclosed is a pic of him.. He's 15 weeks old and weighs in at just over 2 stone already.29.5 pounds!!! I think he'll be a monster! ...take care speak soon.. Ritch.

our dobermans
nazi lee and havoc

~michael and kendra

This is my dog Ragnarok, a two year old Rottweiler. He is bred small at 83ibs and has no papers,but is a mostly loving dog. Energetic and intelligent,I started training him in cart pulling and agility. Yesterday he broke the chain and porch I would keep him on a couple hours a day. Today I left him in the house when I left and broke through the cat door,ripping open a whole for him to squeeze out. Even if he gives me headaches he makes me laugh to,and I do appreciate his power and loyalty.

RIP 7/29/12

This is my half German Sheppard, half German Rottweiler "ZEEK", our family is always safe in and out of the house. He is 7 years old and the love of our lives. - Gregory


Just thought I would attach this pic. Its a bit of an old one, about 6 years actually. I’m 6’ tall and Panzer has grown up since this pic was taken. He’s about 75kg now (about 150lb in your scale ish).

Ciao for now!


Please put an R.I.P note in for my two dogs that I've just lost. They were both 11 yrs and brother and sister, their back legs went and died within 6 weeks of each other...the place seems very empty as I've kept german shepherds for over 20yrs now and this is literly the first time we have'nt had any dogs in the home...we shall get some more but not yet as everythings a little raw at present...take care and thank you. - Ritch

Weiner the Dachshund,

I was 10 when I bought him home. I got him from a neighbor who also had his sister. My mother sent me back for her. We found her a good home. He loved to eat turtles, get lost for hours in the mines. We all looked for 4 hours for him. Then he came running down the field. He also loved to throw up under the bed the turtles he ate. He went by many names. Weiner - Richard - Dick - Snoop Doggy Dog. We went on walks till he couldn't walk anymore. Age had finally caught up with him. He slept with me every night. He died a week ago at the age of 15. This is in memory of him.

- Shawn

Our Eva as a Pup. A fine example of East German/West German breeding. - Paul

The Storm

They were together in the House. Just the two of them. It was a cold, dark, stormy night. The storm had come quickly and each time the thunder boomed he watched her jump. She looked across the room and admired his strong appearance...and wished that he would take her in his arms, comfort her and protect her from the storm.

Suddenly, with a pop, the power went out... She screamed...

He raced to the sofa where she was cowering.

He didn't hesitate to pull her into his arms.

He knew this was a forbidden union and expected her to pull back..

He was surprised when she didn't resist but instead clung to him.

The storm raged on...

They knew it was wrong...

Their families would never understand... So consumed were they in their FEAR that they heard no opening of doors...

Just the faint click of a camera.......

Now that you have smiled today, won't you please help someone else with a smile?

Here is Frau Lucy, der Deutschen mutter or 5, proudly wearing her 3rd class bronze mother's cross.

Regards always to you and yours, Arnie

Leni & Heidi are in LOVE!!

My Kind of Dog!The K9 to the laft is Brutus, a military K9 at McChord AFB in Washington. He's huge - part Boxer and part British Bull Mastiff and tops the scales at 200 lbs. His handler took the picture. Brutus is running toward me because he knows I have some Milk Bone treats, so he's slobbering away! I had to duck around a tree just before he got to me in case he couldn't stop, but he did. Brutus won the Congressional Medal of Honor last year from his tour in Iraq . His handler and four other soldiers were taken hostage by insurgents. Brutus and his handler communicate by sign language and he gave Brutus the signal that meant 'go away but come back and find me'. The Iraqis paid no attention to Brutus. He came back later and quietly tore the throat out of one guard at one door and another guard at another door. He then jumped against one of the doors repeatedly (the guys were being held in an old warehouse) until it opened. He went in and untied his handler and they all escaped. He's the first K9 to receive this honor. If he knows you're ok, he's a big old lug and wants to sit in your lap. Enjoys the company of cats. K-9 Congressional Medal of Honor Winner. Thought you'd find this interesting. Talk about animal intelligence and bonding with humans! Remember that they can't do a lot of things for themselves and that they depend on you to make their life a quality life!

Greetings from Polly to Leni and Heidi!

Greetings from Ken - Singapore! So excited today! Beautiful flag well received!
Thanks for your professionalism! Pls send my best regards to lovely Leni and Heidi!
I attached my photo and my best friend "Chase" photo for your perusal.

Leni and Heidi,

These are my two boys. Joey, on the left, is a husky mix, and Apollo, on the right, is a doberman through and through!

Mit amerikanischem Gruß,


Foofie sends a big "WOOF!" to Leni and Heidi. Here's a photo of her last week resting in the back yard after performing a successful mine laying mission :-)

- Michele



Received the Zyklon canister yesterday----outstanding! Thank you also for all the flyers, I look forward to many future orders with you, your offerings are fabulous.

Like the pic of you and Leni and Heidi--are they black Schäferhunde? I took my money that G.W. Bush so graciously gave back to me last year and brought my Welpe "Elke".

Talk to you soon. Thanks again.


Michael...heres pics of me and mine!! yours Ritch

Here are some pics of the GSD I told you about that we rescued from being put down. He is 15 months old and is named "Grey". We have chosen to stick with it because we werent having much luck with changing his name to "Bear". He wouldnt respond to it at all. I guess if I want a different name I will have to breed him and get some puppies..lol Anyway feel free to put these on your website under Ragnars mailbag. I think he is a beautiful dog and he is a big "Daddy's Boy". If I sit somewhere he has to either sit with me or at my feet. If I get up he goes with me everywhere. The one thing we have found out is he HATES bath time. We have given our other dogs baths every week since they were puppies starting out in the sink and now in the bathtub. When we say bathtime they run and jump in, they like it. Grey on the other hand runs the other way and it is a real chore to get him in. In due time I think he will come around. - Rich
My cat Merc died 2/2/09 after 10 years, and has been succeeded by 2-year-old dark tabby Meow Meow, here now for 5 weeks. We're getting along well. It's mind over matter: she doesn't mind, and I don't matter! : ) -Blaine

Otto smiling with toy.

- Richard and Gretchen Thank you!

RIP Griffin 03/11/09

I am sad to say, Mr. MacGyver passed away. However, he will always be remembered.

- Steve & Annie.

I know how it is to lose something close to you. I wanted to send along a picture of my dog and loyal companion, Puppy. Our new dog is Daphnie and I had to send a pic of her too. I have had Puppy since I was 18 and being 30 now, I dread the thought of the day I have to bury my friend. Off the subject, you should try tracking down some reproductions of "The German Order". I used to have one but sold all of my stuff years ago and will be buying it all back as soon as my wife and I are in our new place. Take care. - John


Peiper is the purebred yellow lab.
Jodl is a German Shepherd/Pitbull/Golden Retriever mix. Naturally, the big guy is a pussycat…the little one? She’s what you have to watch out for. Best watchdog I’ve ever had!

- Mike

Reggie my ball python and RIP my cat with "Dachau" skull 2008. - Naomi

I am submitting some photos for Ragnars Mailbag.

In the first pic the dog on the left is DUKE he is 1/3 Australian Shepherd, 1/3 Black Lab, and 1/3 St Bernard and is approx 6 months old and the smaller dog is CHAMP he is 1/2 Australian Shepherd and 1/2 Boxer and is approx 5 months old

The 2nd pic is of Duke as a puppy with my fiancee, Katie.

The last pic is of Katies German Shepherd SHEBA who is 14 years old. She is kept at Katies mothers home out in the country as we live in an apartment but we are soon moving into a house and we are gonna see if we can have Sheba at the house now in our home.

They are our four legged children and get along just like as if they really were brothers, they fight and play like it and they really are mommas boys inside the house, but daddys boys outside. Sheba is old and really doesnt like to be toyed with by the younger boys but she does like to play with us adults, a little, and loves to be loved on. - Richard


Thought you might appreciate this photo of my Puppies Rommel & Eva




This is my 10-week old kitten, Auschwitz. He's the sweetest cat I have ever known. - Jeff

Bjarne Baby

Here is my first cat called "Ariéna" born 10/05/2005 - baba

I can see that you like dogs. Well I do to, and I like to share a picture of my dear Ludde he is a Karelian bear dog that I imported from Ilomants in Finland just on the border to russia. He will be 10 years old in april its a shame that they live so short. He is a fantastic animal and so extremly loyal, we had a lots of fun thru the years we have hunted all there is to hunt, and scared burglers won competitions. And thanks to him I even been invited abroad on hunting. And most of all unconditional love. I hope we will meet in heaven when its time. - Mbr/Mattias  

Our daughter Morgan and Dad’s new GSP puppy Rommel.

Our son Hans and his dog Hanna.

Our daughter Morgan and our son Hans with my wife’s dog Oskar.

- Kevin

Hello, here is my german shepherd. It is also my passion, thank you,  j-luc france,,,,,,,

Enjoy your website.

I like all the dog pictures. They are good companions. I have a half mini Dobie and Chihuahua girl pup. PENNY ANN is her name. She's a little devil. - John


This is Panzer and myself, she was 11 months when this picture was taken. It is truly a tragedy that their lives are so short, and that accidents fall upon our faithful companions. - Anthony

MakayaRest in Peace Makaya

My mother owned a female Rottweiler and my brother a male (Zoie & Zeus). We bred them in 1997 and after the litter was born, I picked out my baby. My husband and I named her Makaya "Duchess Makaya Von Zoe" She was loved by anyone who knew her. She went everywhere with us and changed a lot of peoples minds about Rottweilers with her loving and gentle ways. She was diagnosed with bone cancer February 28, 2002 at 4 years. We were devastated, everyone was crying. Her condition deteriorated very rapidly and on March 15, 2002 we decided it was in her best interest to let her go.

On that March day we took her to her vet and he came out into the yard and as she laid in my lap was put to sleep. I held her tight in my arms, cried and told her everything would be okay and that we would all be together again. She died there at 8:30 a.m. in my lap and we all cried. I still cry to this day.

It has now been almost 5 years and I still think of her everyday. I had her name tattooed on my wrist. Everyone in my family and some friends wrote her letters telling her how much they loved her. We took her to Petsmart and she picked out a toy shortly before her death. I have a wooden box with all of the letters, the toy she picked out, pictures of her, all of her tags and a lock of her hair in it and her urn sits on top.

Thank you for letting me share my story.

The Haynes'

HanaHello Michael
My name is Kevin. I ordered a few items from you a while back and was cleaning out my e-mails and came upon one from you that had confirmed that order. That led me to browse your web site and it was then that I noticed the writings and pictures of Ragnar and Valhalla. I want to extend my belated condolences to you on the loss of your dogs. I am of German descent, my name used to be spelled "Kreitz" which I am told is derivative of the German word for cross. My father was a man who loved German Shepherds and I was raised with many of them in my life until I left for military service in 1971. I was in the United States Air Force and I was deployed to Nakhon Phnom Royal Thai Air Force Base, 270 miles from Hanoi. The perimeter of the base was guarded by Air Security Police and a lot of well trained incredibly protective German Shepherd guard dogs. I slept a little better at night knowing that if anything approached the wire, those dogs would know about it before anyone else and would alert, thus waking up an amount of ordnance and firepower the likes of which was unfathomable.

HanaI have attached a picture of my current dog. Her name is Hana, she is a pure bred Korean Jindo and quite a remarkable dog. She is a cerified service dog. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition induced by my experiences during the war. As a result, I am prone to severe panic attacks and night terrors. I originally rescued Hana just for companionship. But within a few months, it was clear that she had bonded with me to such an extent that she was instinctively alerting me to the on-set of my panic attacks, so much in advance of the attack that I could take medication to alleviate the effects of the attack, and sometimes head it off altogether. It is an incredible innate ability that she has, and it was enough for me to get her cerified through the Veteran's Administration as a service alert dog pertaining to a military service connected disability. So, I know what it means to be completely bonded to a dog, almost as strong a bond as with one's children, and I mourn your loss with you. Good luck with Leni, she looks like a wonderful dog. I have also attached a photo of my first dog and protector, Heidi. She was a magnificent animal and I loved her. She was with me from the time I was an infant until I was 5 years old. Tragically, an incredibly stupid neighbor fed Heidi a chicken leg and she cut her throat on the sharp bone and bled to death. We didn't even get a lame sympathy card from that neighbor.

Best regards - Kevin

Hi, Michael Haven’t visited your site for a while, and I am glad to see you have a new addition to the family! God Bless, Kevin & Lady

JessyHello Michael,

I will be happy if you could give this letter to Ragnar!!

Here's Jessy, a German Shepherd / Husky female mix with wall-eyes ! So nice and beautiful, an example of honor and fidelity!!! which has joined Valhalla last year... Now surely discussing with Ragnar & Valhalla !

Rest in peace JESSY 01/01/1996 - 06/24/2006

You will be forever in ours hearts.

Cyrille - FRANCE

Thank you very much !


Ruby at 3 months. "Keep up the good work." - Mike

AvaAva & Max

Ava is a Rottweiler with German blood lines, Who know maybe her ancestors might of fought in WWII. She's the best dog I ever had. Max is a white Timber Shepard. He looks more like a wolf then a shepard. As you can see I feel bad for the person who decides to break into my house. I would rather have my dogs with me in the woods then a MP40. I really feel like dogs are mans best friends. - Christoph

Hitler Kitty

Hitler Kitty, but he needs a uniform! - Dale

Jim & ToviHello,

I'm sorry to hear about your devastating losses, but I too have endured pain. But remember, with pain comes happiness. I almost lost my puppy, he was a mere 3 months old. I was told I couldn't keep him, after such a wonderful acquaintance with him. The moment I laid eyes on him, he jumped towards me, stumbled and fell, I caught him. Anyways, I still have him here with me today, and I wish I could say the same for your wonderful family.

Regards, Erik

P.S. his name is Tovi he is a true shepard


Here is my dog Kenny. He is a True German Waffen.

Andy and Wolfgang


Here's my boy Gandalf a Shepherd / Husky mix!


Here is a picture of my own sweet Dobie "Estrella". - Jim

SS PanzerKat

SS PanzerKat "Missy" in field gray with over 60 kills of little mice! - Michael

Wolfgang, 10/1/91-6/10/05

We love you. - Rich and Sandy


Just wanted to let you know, we got a chocolate lab. His name is Brett (for Brett Favre).

- Diana

AntonHello Folks,

My heart goes out to you losing two dogs in such a short amount of time but, they will always be with you in spirit. Here is my "Weimy" Anton. I chose his name from the KM Bismarck No. 1 gun turret 'Anton'.


Sorry to read about your loss of Ragnar and Valhalla. It does get better after time but I know how it feels.

Here's a photo of Peppie. After 10 years still not forgotten & never shall be.

David (UK)


Keeska December 2005 8 years old. - Wayne

Here is a picture of Snoopy.

He is occupied with a rawhide bone. 11 Years old now, a "Borderline Collie". Loves to sing songs and jingles on TV commercials too!

Again, very sorry for your past doggie losses and wish the very best to all of you in the new year to come. - Joe
Lady Pooh

I am so touched by your great love and respect for our canine companions. They are simply the best....simply the best. My lady POOH wanted me to share this photo of herself in her Halloween Costume. She is 9 years old and my constant companion. She sends a kiss to the memory of Valhalla. - Robert

Attached a photo of my miniature dachshund, Shandi. She responds well to German words, especially any word with "essen". - Greg

2 year old Rommel ready to go! - Paul

Luca...German Shepherds are the best! - Ralph.

HaroldSteve and Bear

I was sad to read of the recent loss of your beloved Valhalla. I know the feeling first hand as my own beloved Dog Bear died suddenly of pneumonia only 11 days after this attached picture was taken a couple years back. He was a German Sheperd/Lab mix and he was an incredible dog. But I was fortunate to have had twelve years with him. Nevertheless, the grief was unspeakable so I can relate to your loss. I hope eventually that most of the time when you look back that it will be with good memories more than the grief...which I eventually was able to do. - Steve

Jef & HaroldHarold

I'm sending you a picture of my cat, Harold. Great guy! I used to be just a 'dog guy', I detested cats. Then, of course, I met a woman. Isn't that how it always starts? Harold is a good friend and can tell when I'm happy or sad.

Be sure to check out his collar!!

Jef & Harold

- Stan
abby ducks - Abby (rescued puppy) and the Ducks.
Conrad's Babies
Yves CanadaI'm so sorry to hear what is happening to You. My hart and prayers are with you and all your family.

In May my Sam 6 years old hurt his lower back for the 4th time, and badly that time. I had him put down, cause he would have suffered too much.

I got myself another dog. Here is a picture of my English Cocker Spaniel. I think very often of you, and will order more gear soon. My good thoughts are with you my Good Friend.

Bless you all. - Yves Canada
Hello, I am sorry to hear of your latest loss. Being a dog owner and ex k-9 handler, I can understand and sympathize with you. I don't know what I would do if Thor, my pet German shepherd, or Sammy, my malanois partner would pass away. They are both a important part of my wife's and my life. We cannot have children, so our dogs are our surrogate kids. Once again, our deepest regrets and our thoughts are with you. - James
StanziI know how closely we come to our Hunden and how much like Frederick the Great we can understand the nobility of our canine families.  May Odin shepherd Ragnar in to the Halls of the Eternals.

Wesheil - Karl

PS:  Here is my own Doberman Stanzi ... the light of my life.
PennyHello - here is a picture of my big baby Penny she will be 9 years old in October. She is our couch potato as you can see.
FoofieHello - my German Shepherd Foofie wants me to send this email to say hi to Ragnar and Valhalla. - Michele & Foofie
Congratulations on your new baby, Valhalla! I had to have my 12 year old German Shepherd put to sleep two months ago, and miss her terribly. Best of luck with your new pup!
I love this site always on them ...love ragnar dog :)    
Hi, this is just to tell you I fell for Ragnar. He is soooo cute and reminds me a lot of Blondie, a dog I loved very much. Good of you to put his picture on your page. Greetings - Cristina


Share your special pet pictures and animal moments with us!

Read all about our Loyal PzG mascots and Wolfpack!


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08/29/06 - 00/00/00


04/20/07 - 00/00/00


1994 - 07/28/05


05/02/05 - 09/19/05

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