Nazi collectables of the German Third Reich 1935-1945
Nazi Collectables

Collectables: collectable Nazi pieces that will not only complement any Hitler collection but will surely increase in value.


C001 - Hitler Silver-Plated Minted Medallion / Coin

Nazi collectables of Hitler's Third Reich 1935-1945

SS Decals

Collectable Coin

Only 500 of these silver plated medallions have been minted in a WORLDWIDE release.  

Each silver plated medallion is hand finished to a mirror finish. The front features the Fuhrer in his wartime national Leaders uniform and the reverse bears the inscription from the prophetic final testament of the Fuhrer that his “spirit will rise from the grave”. The edge is enhanced with the wording “We are not the last of yesterday but the first of tomorrow”. In the middle are the numbers “14” for the Fourteen Words and “88” which stands for the HH in Heil Hitler.


The rich symbolism on this medallion reflects the unbreakable links that have been forged across the generations of  the National Socialists of the past to the National Socialists of today. Linked by the common struggle for the Weltanschauung it is a reminder of all the things that National Socialists hold dear and a motivational reminder that we are indeed the “first of tomorrow”.


The medallion is protected in a hard acrylic capsule to preserve its condition and delivered in a custom finished black velour presentation case. This presentation case is topped off with a bold Swastika and “IN HOC SIGNO VINCE (In this sign you will conquer) in rich silver foil.


This is a quality DIE STRUCK coin minted to the exacting standards and not a cheap metal casting.


$55 + s/h