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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG is dedicated to preserving the history of the largest war in human history by selling reproduction WW2 war stock without "politically correct" distortions for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, WWII and Third Reich history since 1995.

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Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

Why read and study books about nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler?

If there is one person in history whose activities changed the world, that person would be the German leader or Fuhrer Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) who led Nazi Germany and its allies into World War II (1939-1945), by any measure, the most devastating war in history.

But why read books about Hitler and Nazi Germany? The implication being that Hitler was so evil and caused so much trouble that there is no point in glorifying him by learning about his life.  The answer is Adolf Hitler is someone we recognize, someone whose contributions — for better or for worse — have had a significant effect on our culture and the world and as members of that global community we should know something about the man, the world he lived in, and the events that shaped his thinking.

Now, examine for yourself Hitler's Germany through these captivating (some out of print & hard to find) history books, art books, first hand war stories from Wermacht soldiers, tactical order of battle books, as well as WW2 / WWII military reference books full of Third Reich pictures & nazi war images.  Don't let anyone tell you what to think; read, study and come to your own conclusions about the Third Reich, Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler the Leader of the German Volk.

"Ideological excesses must be understood within the context of the adversity of the era."
quote from the community plaque located at the Nazi bell at Tümlauer-Koog

Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = German Text
Nazi WW2 art books, picture books = English Text
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = English & German Text
Hitler Nazi books german history Third Reich = Japanese Text
Adolf Hitler Nazi books german history third reich = English & French Text

Werewolves of the SwastikaBK183

Werewolves of the Swastika

Their Liberation of America in the 21st Century

by AV Schaerffenberg

Book Description:

Werewolves of the Swastika is an historical novel based on the German Werewolf movement 1945.

In late 1944, as the Third Reich confronted possibilities for military collapse and foreign conquest, SS leaders organized a partisan movement that would carry on the fight for National Socialism. Volunteers were known as “Werewolves,” first participating in December’s Ardennes’ Offensive, where they out-distanced the Wehrmacht advance to infiltrate enemy lines for the disruption of American communications, thereby contributing to the early success of Operation “Watch on the Rhine".

As the Red Army rolled into eastern Germany, a few dozen Werewolf units remained behind the Soviet juggernaut. They inflicted so much chaos and such heavy losses on the enemy that no less than three Russian divisions were needed to hunt down just two hundred Werewolves divided into ten units. The same tactics yielded similar success in Berlin itself. Hiding in condemned, bomb-damaged buildings, the Werewolves allowed first and even second waves of Red Army assault troops to over-run their positions. After the Soviet vanguard passed, the Werewolves slipped out of their hideouts to attack the enemy rear, cutting the invading forces off at the head. Marshall Chuikov remembered, “They hid in basements and in ruins, and allowed the forward units of our advancing forces to pass, and sometimes the rearward units as well, and then opened fire, with the object of sowing panic in the rear and slowing down or paralyzing action along the front line”.

Only three hundred Hitler Youth Werewolves led by their captain, Dieter Kersten, accounted for thousands of Russians killed and dozens of knocked-out tanks. In a matter of weeks, Kersten’s battalion was reduced to just thirty survivors, but they fought their way to Halensee, near the Gruenenwald Forest, at the very center of Berlin. There, preferring death to defeat, they threw themselves against the enemy.

As the Communist occupation of Germany appears inevitable, the Nazi high command begins preparations for an all-out guerilla campaign against the invaders.  Known as "Werewolves of the Swastika" all able-bodied men, women and children are recruited to stop and repel the engulfing flood of Red forces, by any means necessary!

"Political action is not judged by the victims it makes, but by the evils it averts."
pg 99

"Give me liberty, or give them death." pg 98


BK183 - Werewolves of the Swastika - Their Liberation of America in the 21st Century

adolf hitler nazi third reich WW2 = English Text

Details: Softcover, 121 pages, approximate size 6 x 9 inches, English text.

nazi germany $15.00 +s/h



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