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Perfect for WW2 reenactors!

Badges, Medals & Pins




Imported from Fatherland: WWII Images, Germanic History, Nazi War Hero's, pictures for everyday.


Hitler paintings reproduced
on greeting cards.


Rousing nazi march music
and Third Reich speeches.

Daggers & Edged Weapons

Adolf Hitler Nazi Third Reich

Display Sets new nazi hitler ww2

Dog Tags

FIGURES / Statues


Adolf Hitler Nazi Third Reich Flags - Nazi
ww2 flags Flags - USA

Flying Tigers AVG

World's most complete line
of "Flying Tiger" AVG insignia!

Gold Bar / Reichsbank

Insignia / Pins / shields

Leather Goods

Handcrafted leather wallets, bookmarks, nazi key fobs, 
lighter cases, and more.

Mother's Cross

Gold Silver & Bronze

Mouse Pads

Replace your old and worn
out mouse pads today.

Movies / Films

WW2 propaganda films and
WWII nazi war movies.

Mugs / Steins

Have a cold one with
the Fuehrer!

Nazi Medals

Nuremberg Party Eagle

Occupation Papers

Olympics Berlin 1936

Including Adolf Hitler's
Favorite Filmmaker
Leni Riefenstahl.


PaybookS / Soldbuch


Reproduction Nazi Postcards


Rings / Jewelry

SS Honor Ring the one item every Nazi collector dreams of owning!

Screen Savers


Aged Metal nazi Signs

T-shirts & Hats


VW - KdF

"The Peoples Car"

Zyklon B

historical museum replicas Zyklon B
Museum quality replicas

Free Speech


nazi germany  Clearance         

FREE 1932 Election Poster

Living History

  • Your Stories
    First hand accounts, funny moments, inspirational war stories, and much more.
  • Your WW2 Collections
    Photos and collections from other history buffs just like you


Ragnar's Mailbag

Nazi Music

Mugs and Steins

WWII March Music

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new nazi hitler ww2

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History is history and facts are just that facts.

PzG sells reproduction WW2 war stock at competitive prices for all students of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, and Third Reich history in one convenient location.

Adolf Hitler Blondie

Merry Christmas from PzG Inc.

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Why PzG is the place to find your next Nazi collectable!

  • Get more enjoyment out of your WWII modeling hobbies.
  • Find thousands of fascinating nazi products that are sure to astound and impress.
  • Historically accurate Nazi memorabilia & Adolf Hitler resources at bargain prices.
  • Add depth and excitement to your German WW2 military history collection.
  • Obtain hard to find reproductions for your Third Reich modeling and German military reenactment hobbies.
  • Buy Adolf Hitler, Third Reich, Nazi, WW2 Germany, and WWII Nazi items at bargain prices.
  • Find historically accurate nazi resources void of distracting propaganda and politically correct distortions for your WWII collection, hobbyist, teachers, museums, and all students of history.
  • Examine an indepth preview of each of item then when you buy you will be joining other satisfied military enthusiasts who have already made PzG Inc. - Your Third Reich HQ!

PzG Inc. where you are treated like family!


Don't miss out on these fascinating nazi historical reproductions!

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So many great designs makes you wish you had another friend to invite over for coffee!

Hitler is Victory Mug Stein



see more mugs & stenins...


Just the right gift for re-enactors, gamers, and all students of German WW2 history.

G52D - U-boat Action T-shirt


World War 2 German Flags & Nazi Flags for Sale

German American Bund Pin

F42 German American Bund Flag

see other German American Bund items...

see more Nazi flags...


12 months of inspiring imagery that
reflects your personal interests.

Germanische Welt Calendar

get your calendars...


"Stereoscopic reproduction Set"

Kriegsmaler Calendar

Stereoscopic Set...


Newsreel History / Third Reich at War

Through Enemy Eyes A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War

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Nazi Propaganda Posters

German OrderWaffen SS Nazi

Deutscher Order "German Order" Poster
Waffen SS Posters

see more nazi war posters...


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SS Paratrooper Collaspable Anti Gravity Knife

4924-007-001 - SS Paratrooper Collaspable Anti Gravity Knife- Paratrooper Knife approximate length closed is 5-3/4 inches.

see nazi daggers...

new nazi hitler ww2  NAZI RUNE PINS

see larger rune images here...

Mein Kampf Ford Edition

Everything you thought you knew about Mein Kampf is a lie!


Mein Kampf read on...

Mein Kampf Ford Edition

"You can never have to many T-shirts!"

Just the right addition for re-enactors, gamers, and all students of history.

WW2 - Hitler - Third Reich T-Shirts

Our new T-shirt supplier provides reliable & quick shipping times!


"Waffen SS - Hitler's Armed Protective Squadron!"

SS SchutzstaffelSS SchwerpunktSS Schwarzekorps

PzG 3 SS CD Set

nazi germany $60.00 +s/h

"I received my order yesterday, and the Waffen SS flag is indeed stunning. It went up on my wall immediately upon arriving home." - Satisfied Customer


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Cutomer Comments:

  • I was well pleased with the design and quality of the shirt I received. History is history and facts are indeed facts. The men of the Waffen SS were the elite soldiers of the war-a fact now being (begrudgingly) accepted. They were the defenders of Western civilization. I always point out the large number of foreign volunteers who served, many winning the highest honour-the Ritterkreuz. Remy Shrijnen, the great Leon Degrelle and many others performed super human feats on the battlefield. The SS Panzergrenadiers were men with an unmatched esprit d' corps and a camaraderie betwixt officers and men unknown in other armies. I am proud to wear my SS garb and am happy to engage in meaningful conversation about it. Many if not most people do not know the facts of this era and what the intent of the Third Reich really was due to lies and propaganda. My intent is to rectify this insofar as I am able. Thank you, I'll be in touch soon. - Tom

  • Thank you, for all who support free speech and free thought. I have always wanted to believe there were people out there that simply didn't just quit at propaganda and political correctness, that wanted to know the truth in its entirety. I know it must be difficult in the face of a people who's thought is simply media bias, but for asking the hard questions I really have nothing but gratitude. I've always wanted to know the truth and the whole truth and it's people like you who make it possible to know what times and places the course of human history brought new thoughts and ideas that we're all told to hate but never given a chance to understand. Thank you for having the honor to keep knowledge alive and holding strong to the virtue of free speech. As long as I can remember I've wanted to learn and what you give is that ability so keep fighting the good fight and know people out there believe too. - Dan


More facinating items to consider adding to your private collection.

Get reproduction WW2 nazi war stock at competitive prices from PzG Inc. for hobbyists, teachers, re-enactors, museums, soldiers, and all students of Adolf Hitler German Third Reich here in one convenient location.

NSDAP Nazi Flags
Mein Kampf Verlag Edition
Hitler Youth Dagger



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